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Where to start your new website

Where to start - 6 easy steps

Once you have decided to use Cazzlo to create an online presence for you or your business, just follow these few simple steps:


Analyze Your Company’s Goals and Web Strategies

Before venturing on the Internet, we would like to get to know your business strategies and figure out what goals you would like to accomplish. You can help us do this by answering a few basic questions:

Will your website be for generating leads, selling products, promoting services, building brand identity or all the above?
What would you like to achieve from having an online presence?

We will work together to create your goals and strategies, and make your online presence worthwhile.


You need to decide on your domain name (web address) and email addresses

Cazzlo will register your domain name and set up any email addresses.

Your Domain Name
Think of a creative name that will attract traffic, but will also be in line with your company's branding / image. Your domain name has to be creative and marketable.

Keep the following in mind when choosing your domain name:
Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-")
Name segments may not begin or end with a hyphen.
The main name cannot exceed 63 characters in total.
Domain names are not case sensitive.
Your domain name cannot include spaces, so try and avoid using names which might be confusing or easily misspelled (

When you've decided on a couple of possible domain names, you can check if they are available:
• Go to the Iserve website and enter the possible domain name
• Click the "Next" button

Setting up Branded Email Addresses
Not only is it important for branding to have a "" email address, but it is also very valuable. E-mail marketing is proven to be the most popular and successful form of online marketing. Every email you send out will contain your company's name, which could generate business and valuable leads. This is also great for communication among employees to send internal documents, memos, etc. You can set up email addresses for individuals ( or enquiry related addresses (;

Our services include setting up customized POP3 email accounts for your company, along with the directions on how to set them up in such programs as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.


You need to decide on your site content

Content is primary!

List / locate the material you wish to include, text information and photos for your site. Remember that any content not in digital format will need to be typed or scanned. If you previously hired a graphic designer we can also work with him/her to get any text or graphics files (logos, photos). If you do not have photo's to include, Cazzlo can offer a Digital Photography Service. We will create professional looking business logos and other graphics throughout your site to enhance your online appearance. Customized logos and graphics will make your site stand out from your competition. We will capture your company's identity from the information you provide, or alternatively we can work on a fresh branding image for you.

The content will vary with the purpose of the site but a balance of text & graphics/photographs is recommended for web pages.

A business will usually wish to include product & support information, promotions & to co-ordinate their site with existing stationary, decor, slogans, trademarks or logos.

Clubs/organizations usually have logos, a charter or background information, rosters & minutes, notification of meetings or events.
A family or personal site might have news & photographs about family & friends, family history/genealogies, hobby pages or perhaps a resume.

FAQ: Can Cazzlo Design write up the content for our website?

Draw up a suggested Site Layout (pages)
Decide on the amount of pages you will need to display the content you have collected. Record the names of the pages and what type of content each page will contain. You will want to create fully functional web pages with information about your products, your contact details and services as well as hyperlinks to other pages. This is where you could have educational informational, maps to your business, forms to collect information from your users, biographies of employees, and what ever else your company needs.

Try and draw up a basic site map to help you with this decision ... (see below for sample)Sample Sitemap
Cazzlo will help you with your planning and do a full site map before designing your site.


Decide which of our packages will suit your needs, and most importantly - your budget!

If you are working with a limited budget, we can design a custom package to give you the best service within these limitations.

Cazzlo's Website Packages are ideal for the newcomer who wishes to establish a web presence, they include everything required for your first year online (except the monthly hosting charge starting at $20).

Now is the time to contact us for a free consultation and an obligation free quotation!

FAQ: What do I need to have in place to have my own website?


Once you have accepted our quotation, you can expect the following to happen:

Domain Registration
We will register your domain name and set up email addresses and accounts as needed

Site Design
We will come up with a stunning website design and present it to you. The design will combine creativity with a clear and logical structure to enable viewers to find what they are looking for.
(Ever been to a website that you knew had what you wanted but you couldn't find it?)
We will upload a proof site to a temporary web server for you to browse and give your feedback.

Construction / Build
After we have your final approval on the design, we will turn it into a fully functioning ‘state of the art’ website. We use technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Flash and MySQL to create fast loading, high-impact and easy to navigate sites.

The testing process involves checking the appearance of your site on many different Internet browsers.
In addition, your site is tested on a variety of PC and Mac platforms and settings.

Hosting setup
We will set up a ‘hosting’ package that ensures your website, domain name and email accounts are working 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Implement Web Tracking Software
By analyzing your website statistics, you will know what marketing efforts are working for you. It’s very valuable to know who is visiting your site and when? We will implement a system to track in-depth page views, analyze how visitors are finding your web site.

Launching or ‘going live’ makes your website accessible to the entire world. We will “upload” your site so that anyone with a PC, an Internet connection and a web browser can view and interact with your website. Your website address should be added to all advertising and promotional campaigns running at this time.

Search Engine Optimization and submission
We will make sure your site appears on major search engines like SearchNZ and Google. For an additional charge we can also help to push it further up the list of search results.


Marketing your website after the LAUNCH

Use your website address !!!
Your website address should now be added to all letterheads, business cards, phone listings and advertisements.

Regular changes to your site’s content are necessary to keep it current. We can either do this for you, or train you on how to make changes on your own. If you have a CMS, we will train you on how to use it to make updates and additions to your site yourself ...